Nick Milani is a Canadian entrepreneur, Amazon FBA expert, and online educator who has generated over $4 million in sales through his e-commerce ventures.

Nick is passionate about helping new entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom online. He has developed new, innovative strategies for Amazon resellers and offers coaching options for those looking to learn.

Early Life

Nick was born in Amsterdam and later moved to Toronto, Canada. Growing up, he pursued interests in music and sports despite frequent changes in schools and homes. Nick excelled in higher education, earning a Master of Engineering degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University.

Seeking alternatives to traditional career paths, Nick explored various business models including Dropshipping and day-trading before finding his strength in Amazon FBA.


Pharcity USA

Pharcity U.S.A. is a leading force in global e-commerce management, especially on Amazon. They specialize in strategic product placement and listing optimization. Pharcity U.S.A. ensures brands achieve maximum visibility and profitability in the digital marketplace.

AMW Sellers

Capitalizing on his success, Nick developed The AMW Formula™, a product of AMW Sellers. It is a comprehensive coaching program designed to fast-track success for newcomers in Amazon FBA.

The program helps new entrepreneurs skip over the obstacles and hurdles Nick faced on his journey by providing a clear, proven path to success. His students typically generate income in 30 days and the program has garnered praise from over 120 students.

FBA Scope

FBA Scope is a Chrome extension that aims to simplify the product research process for Amazon resellers. It gives resellers a straightforward solution to quickly evaluate products on Amazon's US and Canadian markets.

It's features include real-time sales insights, customizable ranking factors, and a 1 to 10 scoring system. It also helps sellers analyze crucial metrics such as selling volume, profit margins, and competition.


In 2018, Nick founded Penguinni, an eco-friendly children's product brand. As the founder, Nick took a hands-on role in every aspect of the brand's development, from product ideation to marketing strategy. The company achieved $350K in sales within its first three years and was successfully acquired for a five-figure sum in 2024.



Today Nick's life revolves around his passion for e-commerce and empowering others. He splits his time between managing FBA Wholesale, his $4 million+ wholesale business, and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs through The AMW Formula™.

Nick continues to speak at industry conferences, on topics like his Mom-and-Pop Arbitrage™ Method and aims to help 1,000 individuals achieve financial freedom through Amazon FBA. Nick believes that discipline and long-term thinking are the key to business and living life to its fullest.

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